Hey everyone!

Quick message about our latest addition to the server. As many in our community are aware, Castela is a server based on partying together and team work. The new content that we're developing continues to strive towards giving you something to work towards as a team, rather than individually. We think this sets us apart from other servers, and we'll continue focusing on this and delivering a great experience for you!

To help welcome new players to the server, we've added a new item which all beginners will receive.

The 'Welcome to Castela' pack has all the essentials, plus some cool items:

  • Free Meso Magnet & Item Pouch - so you'll only need to buy a pet with NX (1 vote gives 8k) or use the Snail pet.
  • Free permanent Mushroom Elf Store - helping you get a headstart with trading.
  • Free 1 hour item vac - to help with those early quests.
  • Free New to Castela medal - providing players with +10 speed. It will also help the established players notice you, so you'll find it easier to join our amazing community.
Added 26/07/2020 03:12:12 by stonks

We're stoked to have the latest update live, and to celebrate, we're bringing back the very popular HOT DROP WEEKEND - this time, for 72 HOURS!

Event will start at 7am, 25/07/20, server time. We'll post a link in the Discord to show how much time is left on it (and help us staff keep track).


Added 25/07/2020 08:51:01 by stonks