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Castela's features

- Party-oriented: buffed party skills and exp bonus
- Elite Channels 5-7: grinding is faster when playing with others
- Boss progression system: Collect Power Orbs from bosses to get stronger
- Global spawn increased
- Customised Maker skill - make more items yourself, including shoulders & rings!
- Anti-afk leech system; 30 sec delay
- No HP washing required. Players can purchase an item which increases HP by 250
- Huge amount of custom NX clothes & cosmetics implemented
- No P2W/V2W benefits
- Multiclient allowed
- Reworked mobs throughout the Maple world
- Farming Elite Channel mobs provides NX
- And much more!

Server Information

Server Version: 83
Experience Rate: Progressive
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: 2x


Channels: 5 - 7
Experience Rate: 10x
Increased HP: 18x
Party Experience Buff: +10% per member
Meso Rate: 3x
Drop Rate: 3x